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Stone or gravel mulch installation can provide several benefits for your garden beds such as giving it a nice uniform appearance, it's very low maintenance, it doesn't need to be replaced like bark mulch, it can also help to reduce the amount of weeds, it can help retain moisture, and it helps insulate and protect your plants root systems during cold weather.  Adding stone or gravel mulch to your garden beds is a key part of maintaining a healthy looking landscape.

There are several different types of decorative stone and gravel available at local landscape supply yards that we can use on your property for different aesthetic and functional properties.

Green Waves Lawn Care is a landscaping contractor based out of Leland, North Carolina and serving Brunswick County and the surrounding area. We offer delivery and spreading of several different types of decorative stone and gravel for garden beds of all sizes.  We can deliver and spread stone or gravel throughout your garden beds, flower beds and landscape features for both residential and commercial clients.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Stone Or Gravel Into Your Garden Or Landscape Beds?

Rock or gravel mulch offers several benefits when used in landscape beds. Some of these advantages include:

Low maintenance: Rock and gravel mulch require little maintenance once installed, as they do not decompose or need to be replaced regularly like organic mulches.

Weed suppression: When installed with a landscape fabric or weed barrier underneath, rock and gravel mulch can effectively inhibit weed growth by blocking sunlight and making it difficult for weeds to take root.  We use a double-woven weed barrier fabric for our stone installations.

Erosion control: The weight and stability of rock and gravel mulch help to prevent soil erosion, especially on slopes or in areas with heavy rainfall or strong winds.

Water conservation: Rock and gravel mulch reduce evaporation from the soil surface, helping to retain moisture and potentially reducing the need for frequent watering.

Pest resistance: Unlike organic mulches, rock and gravel mulch do not attract insects, rodents, or other pests, making them a more suitable option for pest-prone areas.

Temperature regulation: Rock and gravel mulch can help regulate soil temperature by insulating the ground and protecting plant roots from extreme heat or cold.

Aesthetic appeal: Rock and gravel mulch come in various colors, sizes, and textures, providing a wide range of design options to enhance the appearance of your landscape beds.

Durability: Rock and gravel mulch are long-lasting and do not break down over time, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Preparing Your Garden And Landscape Beds For Stone Or Gravel Mulch Installation

It's not really a good idea to just start spreading out stone or gravel without some preparation to the garden and landscape beds.

For a proper, professional level installation you'll want to properly prepare the areas where the mulch will be installed.  This can include removing any weeds in the beds, removal of any brush, undergrowth, or organic debris in the beds.

Shrubs and bushes and any surrounding tree cover should be pruned and trimmed back.  This will prevent organic debris from falling into your newly spread mulch.

We are happy to add garden and landscape bed preparation and clean up services into your estimate.  It makes an amazing difference in how good the mulch will look after installation.

Edging Your Garden Beds Before Stone Or Gravel Mulch Installation

Edging service is offered for all mulch jobs, and while this service is optional it is highly recommended.  Edging a garden bed is done using a special machine or in many cases we just do it by hand.  Edging the garden beds will create a more established edge to separate your mulched beds from other landscaped areas and provides a distinct line of separation between your landscaping features.  This also helps keep the stone or gravel in the bed and not strewn about your lawn or hardscaping.  A defined edge can also keep the grass from growing into the garden beds as well.

Lastly, edging the beds will give your garden beds a nice, clean, and uniform look.

What Does It Cost To Install Stone Or Gravel Mulch?

Please Note:  We have a minimum charge of $500 for stone or gravel mulch installation projects.  This includes the mulch, delivery, and installation.  For exact pricing please request an estimate.

Stone Or Gravel Mulch Installation

Starting @ $500

This would be for a smaller property with a few garden beds that require mulch installation.

Mulch Installation Estimates Include

Please Note:  We have a minimum charge of $500 for bark mulch installation projects.

  • Initial clean up of garden beds and removal of debris. (we recommend trimming shrubs and bushes at this time)
  • Delivery and installation of high quality bark mulch (approximately 2" to 3" deep).
  • Clean up of the delivery area using blowers and rakes.  We'll leave no trace!

Do You Have Questions About Bark Mulch Installation?

There are numerous types of stone and gravel mulch available, including pea gravel, river rock, lava rock, decomposed granite, and crushed stone. They come in various colors, sizes, and textures to suit different design preferences and landscaping needs.

Consider the purpose of the mulch and the plants in your landscape, and your desired aesthetic when choosing the right type of stone or gravel mulch. We can help you make a great decision too!

A depth of 2 to 4 inches is typically recommended for stone or gravel mulch to effectively suppress weeds, retain moisture, and provide temperature insulation. However, the ideal depth may vary depending on the type of stone or gravel and the specific needs of your landscape.

We use a double-woven weed barrier fabric for stone installation only.

Yes, you can use stone or gravel mulch around plants. However, be aware that some plants may prefer the moisture retention and organic matter provided by organic mulches. Also, avoid piling the stones too close to plant stems to prevent damage or rot.

Stone or gravel mulch requires minimal maintenance. We can periodically remove debris, such as leaves and twigs using a blower.  It's also a good idea to replenish or redistribute the stones as needed to maintain an even layer. You may also need to treat or pull any weeds that do emerge.

We do not offer “delivery only” services on mulch.  We are a landscaping company and not a product supplier.  If you require mulch delivered for you to install on your own, we suggest contacting your nearest landscape supply company.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate to deliver and install mulch in your garden beds we’d be happy to meet with you.  Please call 910-208-0219 or fill out our online form and we’ll get right back to you.

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Please Note:  We have a minimum charge of $500 for bark mulch installation projects.  This includes the mulch, delivery, and installation.  For exact pricing please request an estimate.